Ethan J. Mings

Ethan J Mings

Jerry Mings is a quality manager and professional facilitator with experience in the health sector. He also brings to his clients a deep understanding of the development of strategic plans, performance indicators, of risk management and of quality management. Jerry’s clients include Community Care Access Centres, hospitals and government agencies. In addition Jerry designs public participation systems and asynchronous facilitation methods using the Internet. He is a creative problem solver with exceptional interpersonal, communication skills.

His practice, The Desk Consulting Group Inc exists to provide firms with strategies which enable them to continuously meet the current and emerging service expectations of their customers. Through a unique mix of facilitated planning, mediation, quality management practices and use of the Internet, he is able to bring a results oriented perspective to the dialogue of organizational performance.

You can visit him online at his blog where you can catch some of thoughts on a wide variety of topics.

Jerry serves as the President of the Desk Consulting Group Inc.