The History

The Desk started in 1997 as the quality practice of Ethan J. Mings for organizations engaged in the health care sector. My goal was simple, provide consultation services to Senior Teams and Boards of Directors on effective methods to achieve goals in a timely manner. What made my practice unique was passion for using technology and the Internet to support consultation projects.
Today, the Desk Consulting Group Inc serves a mix of health, community, private and charitable organizations engaged throughout the health care sector. We focus in the areas enabling organizations to build comprehensive strategic plans that generate results. Our work is grounded in constantly learning from the practices of quality management, economics and systems theory. We are best know for our strong facilitation designs and facilitation events that bring together people, ideas and insights to create dynamic plans. We serve client throughout the Canada with a focus in Ontario.
Enable Boards and Senior Managers in the health and social services continuum to meet the current and emerging service expectations of clients and the community.
Technology, collaboration and innovation support vibrant, dynamic communities where people live, work and dream together.
Our services are provided based on the principles of:

  • systems thinking for sustainability
  • principles of quality management and safety
  • evidence informed thinking and decision making
  • big picture thinking and action
  • conflict resolution that builds relationships
  • results that make a difference